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Energy Efficiency

The Optimal Load Controller Method and Device

An Eco-Friendly Solution to Maximize Efficiency of Power Generation Systems

And Reduce Global Warming Emissions

The “Optimal Load Controller Method and Device” (OLCMD) is a patented new broad application, adaptive power generation system optimizer that has emerged in this era where there is a huge need for practical energy solutions to meet the increasing demand for clean energy while combating climate change.


Many people around the world are looking for viable solutions to reduce the cost of expensive energy resources, to maximize power while reducing their carbon footprint. However, many have no idea where is the best place start.  According to the International Energy Agency, converting energy from one form to another, “energy production, and its usage, accounts for the largest source of global warming emissions.  At Innovative Technologies Corporation, we are empowering manufacturers and users of power generation technology by offering optimized power solutions  for a better world.


The climate change crisis is real, and the demand to find energy efficient solutions to address it is only increasing. This is not something that a single corporation or a single country can fix on their own. It requires everyone to understand the dangers and the repercussions of decisions that are made. It also requires everyone to explore innovative technologies that can make a difference. 


Optimal Load Controller Method and Device (OLCMD) technology is unique in that it offers high quality power solutions that can be implemented in an affordable way while mitigating environmental damage. Its building energy power solutions include hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power, including photovoltaic power.  It can be used to maximize efficiency of heat pumps using in air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating applications. It can also be used in building optimization applications for steam turbines, hydroelectric power, geothermal heat pump applications, and a variety of hybrid applications.

The “Optimal Load Controller Method and Device” offers a simple solution to maximize efficiency of power generation systems in changing environments that affect energy efficiency, by finding and integrating the ideal setting values of each power transfer parameter, with respect to the other power transfer parameters in the power generation system thereby creating a synergistic effect that will maximize power output in the power generation system.


Apart from increasing energy efficiency, the “Optimal Load Controller Method and Device” is itself an efficient design thereby reducing capital investment required to design and manufacture it.  The savings can be passed on to consumers making the power generation technology more attractive in a competitive world that is leaning towards technologies that will reduce global warming emissions.  Promoting sustainable development and combating climate change have become integral aspects of energy planning, analysis and policy making. If you are already embracing renewable energy solutions, the OLCMD patented technology offers a viable way to mitigate climate change where the savings from a smart design can be passed on to your clients.


Our energy optimizer has already been patented in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea and is patent pending in many other countries. More and more countries are learning that this innovative technology is the necessary link to help combat climate change while using energy generation applications that are eco-friendly.


Contact us today to discover more about our technology and how we can work together to maximize efficiency in your power generation system. The OLCMD invention is available by license through Innovative Technologies Corporation located in Denver, Colorado in the United States.  The decision was made to license the OLCMD because it is a broad application invention that can be applied more readily through licensing through existing and diverse manufacturers. 


Please call us or send us an e-mail so we can learn more about how we may work together to optimize your power generation system.

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