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Energy Saving

What an Energy Optimizer Can Due for Climate Change

The International Energy Association (IEA) explains that since 1990 the total energy supplied by power generation systems has increased by over 59%.   The IEA also shows that C02, global warming emissions have also increased over 60% (See IEA at URL link <>)   Many power generation systems are not optimized at all needlessly draining natural resources of the world while emitting carbon dioxide directly or indirectly damaging the environment where the damages can become irreversible.   


There are technical different levels that can be applied to optimization offering different qualities of optimization, different levels of complexity that are offered at different costs.  The Optimal Load Controller Method and Device (OLCMD) is broad application adaptive power generation system optimizer that solves the complex task of adaptive power generation system optimization by integrating the ideal setting values of power transfer parameters found in a power generation system in different environments that the power generation will encounter that affect its performance.  It is important to realize that the ideal setting value of one power transfer parameter in the power generation system affects the ideal setting value of the other power transfer parameters in the power generation system making this type of high end optimization complex.  Complexity translates into costly.  Complexity in a power generation system means that it cost more to design, manufacture, and maintain.  Complex systems tend to be dedicated to one type of power generation. The foregoing reasons are obstacles for implementing energy efficient solutions to power generation system optimizers obstructing the goals of expediting the reduction of global warming emissions  from its number one source: power generation systems.

It needs to be understood that there are different points of view from which a power generation system can be considered.  One way is to think about the power generation system as a system that provides energy to a “load”.  However a “load” that consumes power can also be thought of as a power generation system; this is just another point of view.  What we mean is a system converts energy from one form to another, whether it is considered a “source of power” or a load is only a point of view.  The scope of this invention is very large providing the world with a true opportunity to reduce global warming emissions in a timely way.


At Innovative Technologies Corporation, we are providing the world with a patented technology that offers an opportunity to optimize a wide range of power generation systems that reduces global warming emissions caused by power generation systems and conserves on costly energy resources.  The OLCMD reduces costs associated with design, manufacturing and maintenance, costs that can be passed down to clients making its implementation competitive.


The OLCMD energy saving technology offers better and easier way to maximize power generation systems in a world that needs viable solutions to its energy efficiency problems.

The OLCMD invention is available by license through Innovative Technologies Corporation located in Denver, Colorado in the United States.  The decision was made to license the OLCMD because it is a broad application energy efficiency invention that can be applied more readily through licensing and through existing and diverse manufacturers. 


Please call us or send us an e-mail so we can learn more about how we may work together to optimize your power generation system.

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