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To understand the economic significance of the OLCMD  it is crucial to understand today’s industrial environment.  Energy will be one of the most significant issues of this century.  Demand is soaring like never before.  


Public awareness and concern has grown very significantly in the areas of both global warming and meeting ever-growing energy demands.  The OLCMD is a method and device offering an environmentally responsible and cost effective/profitable means to help future energy needs.

Circuit Board
Wind Turbine 2.jpg
Power Plant

The OLCMD offers a very attractive means to consume energy.  Optimization by its very nature is profitable and is very much needed.  It is the process of gaining maximum yield, maximum power, from a minimum investment.

The OLCMD takes advantage of the fact that all factors that influence system power output also converge on system power output resulting in a very efficient design that achieves high quality power generation system optimization.



Because the OLCMD offers a simple solution to the very complex problem of adaptive power generation system optimization, it is easier to implement and to fix, reducing development and manufacturing costs and costs associated with maintenance.
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