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Optimal Load Controller Method and Device

A Viable Energy Efficiency Solution 

In a World Demanding Eco-Friendly Solutions

Almost everyday we are hearing more about climate change in the news.  Many of the effects of global warming emissions on the environment are quite observable.  This has been evidenced by catastrophic fires, shrinking glaciers, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier; plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner.  The effects that scientists had predicted previously would result from global climate change are happening now: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves.


According to the International Energy Association (See URL link <>) the majority of emissions that are related to global warming are caused by power generation systems that convert energy from one form to another.  Furthermore, it has been estimated that the global economy will double over the next 20 years.  This means that the demand for even more power is going to increase.   However, at the same time, the demand for clean energy solutions to meet this demand, is already high and increasing.  The political environment is such that optimized power solutions will become a mandatory requirement to reduce global warming emissions ( See URL link: <>).


It’s time to find a more eco-friendly approach to power generation. The world is being forced to have a hard look at optimized power solutions to maximize efficiency, however optimization offers a lot of benefits.  Optimization offers more for less, more energy savings, which is good business.  Energy efficiency solutions can be thought of as a way to maximize power while conserving on energy resources and preserving our environment: better technology better world!


By taking the available opportunities to develop and adopt energy saving technologies, the world will conserve on energy resources that impact our environment, while using power only where it is needed. The result the result of maximizing efficiency would be a world economy with less harmful emissions, improved energy security and better health.  Our standard of living would go up where we would pay less for energy: more for less!  In order to implement broad application of energy saving optimized power solutions and reduce emissions to meet international objectives, the world has to make energy efficiency, a very high priority.  


The OLCMD patented technology, provides an easier and better way to optimize power generation systems while offering high quality integrated optimization.  It mitigates environmental impacts by conserving on costly energy resources used by power generation technology thereby reducing their emissions which have been assessed as being number one cause of global warming.  Because the OLCMD offers a simple solution to the very complex problem of adaptive power generation system optimization, it is easier to implement and to fix, reducing development and manufacturing costs and costs associated with maintenance.


The scope of this technology is very large, therefore the OLCMD can do a lot of good in a world needing viable energy solutions.  Some of its optimized power solutions include:   


Heat Pumps

Air conditioning and refrigeration Systems

Hot water central heating systems using heat pumps

OLCMD optimization of heat pumps would include air conditioning, refrigeration and heating applications.

Photovoltaic electric motor applications

Solar thermal power generation

Wind power

Geothermal heat-pumps

Hydroelectric power

Hybrid systems

Air compressors

Other pumps

OLCMD heat pump applications would include air conditioning, refrigeration and heating applications.

The OLCMD invention is available by license through Innovative Technologies Corporation located in Denver Colorado.  The decision was made to license the OLCMD because it is a broad application invention that can be applied more readily through licensing through existing and diverse manufacturers.  However, we are also exploring product development resources to gain a better understanding of the OLCMD from a manufacturing point of view to facilitate its commercialization. 


Please do not hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail so we can learn more about how we may work together to meet your optimize your power generation system.

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