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Global Warming Emissions

Simplifying Adaptive Integrated Power Generation System Optimization

The Optimal Load Controller Method and Device

A Viable Solution for Our Environment

In this new energy era, energy saving technologies are in especially high demand, because they reduce global warming emissions and are essential for the world to adapt to climate change.  Optimized power solutions by there very nature is profitable and is very much needed.  The cost of using energy resources and the cost to our environment is very high.  Optimization is a great solution.  It is the process of gaining maximum yield, maximum power, from a minimum investment while conserving our environment. 

It is easier to say that the world needs to maximize efficiency of its power generation technology than to actually implement optimized power solutions that are truly viable.  It has been pointed out by the International Energy Association that, the cost, the benefits and the means of achieving optimized power solutions must all be set out plainly and are related to the success of implementing energy efficient technologies.  Furthermore, if the cost is lower and the benefits are higher, support for optimized power solutions is more likely to be forthcoming.  The more probable that  the energy efficiency solutions will be implemented will  increase that odds that the global warming emissions that impact the environment will be reduced.


However, there is a lot to know about optimized power solutions.  Typically, a power generation system is affected by changes in its environment where the ideal setting values of its power transfer parameters, parameters that affect the energy efficiency of the power generation system, need to be adjusted in order to maximize efficiency and to maximize power output. 


The problem with conventional adaptive integrated power generation system optimization is that the ideal setting value of one power transfer parameter affects the ideal setting values of the other power transfer parameters in the power generation system. The way optimized power solutions have been solved in the past is with using ambient environmental sensors and perhaps taking an indicative measurement from the power generation technology where mathematical modeling is used to predict what the ideal setting values of the power generation systems power transfer parameters that affect system power output.

Mathematical modeling has different problems for instance: it is extremely complex, complexity leads to a lack of flexibility making the optimizer a dedicated controller.  Complexity adds to the cost of design, manufacturing and maintenance of the energy efficiency device.  Also, the model has to match the real-world environment of the power generation technology where the system parameters are changing from wear or tear in ways that where the effects on power generation technology’s energy efficiency is unknown.  There may be unknown factors that have not been accounted for that may adversely affect the power generation technology from attaining maximum efficiency.  Additionally, a condition called sensor drift affects the accuracy of the sensory information thereby affecting the quality of optimized power solutions.  These legacy power generation systems, though some are still being used, are being phased out and exchanged for more efficient and optimized designs that conserve energy resources thereby reducing emissions and energy costs.


The Optimal Load Controller Method and Device (OLCMD) patented technology consists of grouping of different optimization concepts to maximize efficiency of the power generation system.  These energy saving concepts of the OLCMD have been designed in a way that maximizes power output of the power generation system where the design is in itself efficient.  The OLCMD offers a simple solution to the very complex problem of adaptive power generation system optimization by providing high quality optimization having unmatched simplicity and flexibility. Therefore it is easier to implement and maintain thereby making it a it a truly economic and viable solution to reduce energy costs while mitigating global warming emissions.



Contact us today to learn more about the  OLCMD energy saving technology that we have devised and how it can benefit you.

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