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OLCMD Transportation Applications

The OLCMD is a broad application adaptive power generation system optimizer that provides an easier and better way to optimize power generation systems  while providing high quality optimization.  The OLCMD optimization offers a unique solution to the complex task of dynamic power generation system optimization thereby conserving on expensive energy resources and reducing emissions associated with diverse power generation systems found in different industries. The OLCMD offers unmatched simplicity reducing costs associated with design, manufacturing and maintenance.

Vehicle Applications: Service

Hybrid Applications

  • ·        Cars

  • ·        Boat/Ships

  • ·        Trains

  • ·        Other vehicles


Internal combustion engine [ICE] based vehicles

  • Air/fuel mixture

  • Mechanical efficiency of ICEs

  • Controlling ignition


Variable pitch Propellers

  • Aircraft

  • Ships


  • Vehicle Charging systems

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